These Past Years Have Been Rough

· 0x911dd


The past few years have been incredibly tough.

It's been over six years since I had any vacation, and I spent four of those years working without any proper pay. Finally, I made the decision to change jobs, and I was fortunate to land a new position that offered a fresh start and a steady income.

Things seemed fine for a while, but then, just one day before my long-awaited vacation, my beloved kick bike was stolen. On the bright side, I was offered a new job, though it meant I had to settle for only one and a half weeks off before the upcoming training, leaving me mentally drained and unprepared.

I somehow got through the three weeks of intensive training, but less than two months later, I was hit by a car, and my second kick bike was completely wrecked (that's one kick bike lost per year, for those of you keeping count). This accident has left me unable to walk or work for a while.

Life can indeed be harsh, and these years have been no exception.
This is me, venting and acknowledging that sometimes, things just plain suck.